The Query of Despair

Oh man. I know I’ve encountered something like this before. So many developers have absolutely no experience writing decent SQL. Its getting even worse these days with the prevalence of ORMs in all the big frameworks. When they do have to actually write a query, they just throw syntax together until it works, even if it ends up looking like this and taking 18 hours to run:

The Query of Despair - The Daily WTF


Weekend Project: Plusify

I’ve been wanting to redo my home page so it has a simple blog, but I didn’t want to have yet another place to remember to post stuff to. I saw people like +Kevin Rosewere using their Google+ profiles as their home pages. I liked the general idea of that, but still wanted my own domain.

I ended up hacking together a simple script that you can stick in a web directory that creates a blog/homepage that is powered by your public Google+ posts. I’m calling it Plusify. It’s easily theme-able and has the added benefit of backing up your public Google+ posts to a SQLite database.

I noticed that +Daniel Treadwell created a Wordpress plugin and a service called Pluss.es to do something similar, but I didn’t want a full Wordpress install just to run my dinky blog. Also, I wanted to continue to host my blog, so Pluss.es was out as well. 

I normally do web stuff with Python these days, but I used PHP for this because more web hosts support it. I’ve only spent a few hours working on this, so don’t hate if you don’t like the code or product. Also, I’m no designer so you’ll probably think the default theme is ugly.

Maybe +Jordan Gadapee or +Noah Hayes will be willing to contribute a better default theme if people start to use this.

There is still work to do on it and it probably has some bugs, but I think its a pretty good start for only a few hours work. I’ve open sourced the code, so you can fork it at: https://github.com/lylepratt/Plusify


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