Github Private Repos

I really wish Github had some free way to have private repositories. I’d even settle for a way to have unlimited private repositories for a reasonable paid price. I have a paid Github account for my company which has repositories related to that in it. But, that doesn’t work well for random stuff that you would like to be private since you are limited to a specific amount of repositories. 

I signed up for a Bitbucket account today just so I could host a private repository. I’ll probably host ALL my random private repos there from now on. Thats a big missed opportunity for Github, because I’m sure there are a lot of people like me that are doing the same thing. 

Github should remove the repository cap on their paid plans and instead have a simple storage cap like Bitbucket does. You should be able to have as many repos as you want that can fit in your space allotment.

Tags: rants